The Absence of Alice #6

Instance #6 -The Bone Gardens: 2011

The Absence of Alice

Instance #6: The Bone Gardens

Shown at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct The Block gallery in August 2010, The Absence of Alice and the Bone Gardens presented the sixth instance within The Absence of Alice series.

This instance explored cycles of life and death and the complex relationships between humans and other organisms in the context of scientific research and everyday practices of engagement and consumption. The exhibition included a variety of sculptural and new media works incorporating a variety of living, preserved and transformed organisms.
The exhibition was shown in conjunction with the Virtual Anatomies Symposium at the University of Queensland, which explored the ‘cultural impact of new medical imaging technologies’.


The Absence of Alice and the Bone Gardens was developed in a creative partnership between The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) and The Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) at QUT, Brisbane (Aus)

Towards the Immortalisation of Kira and Rama was researched and developed during a residency at SymbioticA, centre of Excellence in the Biological Arts at UWA in Perth.

Completion of works would not be possible without the support from SymbioticA and UWA Staff including Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr, Jane Coakley, David Khang, Ben Forster, Stuart Hodgetts and Pernille Leth-Espensen.  Production of work also relied heavily on CIF and IHBI researchers and technical staff.  Special thanks to Tony Parker, Derek Van Lonkhuyzen, Jacqui McGovern, Tristan Kroll and Leo Leung from IHBI and visual arts technician Michael Riddle.  Many thanks are also extended to the supervisory team: Dan Mafe, Courtney Pedersen and Zee Upton.

Thank you also to The Block technical team, curator Lubi Thomas and Elizabeth Stevens from UQ.

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