The Absence of Alice #4

Instance #4 -Things that Open their Wings and are Otherwise not Noticeable: 2010

The Absence of Alice

Instance #4: Things that open their wings and are otherwise not noticeable

The Absence of Alice and The Things that Open their Wings and are Otherwise not Noticeable, exhibited at The Queensland Academy of Creative Industries (QACI) in July 2010, was the fourth instance within The Absence of Alice series.  While many of the works developed for this show followed on from previous exhibitions and functioned as a refinement of initial ideas, the exhibition also included new works that commented further on the interconnected cycles of life and death, creation and destruction.  The show also marked the introduction of furniture-based installations and museum-style dioramas.


The Absence of Alice: Things that Open their Wings and are Otherwise not Noticeable was developed in a creative partnership between The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) and The Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) at QUT, Brisbane (Aus).

Completion of works would not be possible without the support from the Tissue Repair and Regeneration (TRR) Group and CIF technical staff.  Special thanks to Dr Tony Parker, Dr Derek Van Lonkhuyzen and Jacqui McGovern from IHBI and visual arts technician Michael Riddle.  Thank you to Prof. Anthony Clarke for specialist input regarding insects. Many thanks are also extended to the supervisory team: Dr Dan Mafe, Dr Courtney Pedersen and Prof. Zee Upton.

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