The Remains of Algernon and The Poetry Orchids

Mixed Media

The Remains of Algernon and the Poetry Orchids consists of the mummified body of the fetal calf Algernon with a live orchid growing out from within his remains.  Within the table drawer there is a flask of fixed HeLa cells (the first human cell line established in 1951). These cells were originally grown in a liquid nutrient medium containing fetal calf serum.

This work links to the A Shrine far Algernon Instance #1 and #2, as well as Algernon Becomes a Bird and comments on the history of cell culture and use fetal calf serum in cell maintenance.


Mixed media

The Remains of Algernon and The Poetry Orchids forms part of a series of works that comment on the use of Fetal Calf Serum in cell and tissue culture and flows between benefit and harm, life and death.  
MATERIALS: Mummified Fetal Calf, Restored Table, Fixed HeLa Cells in Flask, Live Orchid, Ink, Moss
CLASSIFICATION: Mixed Media Sculpture

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