The Materiality of Absence in Fragments of a Body in the Process of Becoming Other

Mixed Media | Sculpture

This work forms part of the Materiality of Absence series and revisits the original work Fragments of a Body in the Process of Becoming Other, which commented on the continual becoming of the Soas-2 cell line. Panels from the original work were broken during an exhibition. In this work, the broken panels have been replaced with blank slides. In the unbroken slides, the latex and cell impressions have been removed leaving only traces of adhesive. This work reflects on the way in which all things that come before leave traces which manifest physically in the world and form possibilities for future developments.


Perspex Sculpture

This work comments on the creative potential of the unexpected, error and rupture, as well as the ripples of action over time.
MATERIALS: Perspex, Glue Residue, Wood, Enamel

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