The Materiality of Absence in Five Points of Origin

Mixed Media

The Materiality of Absence in Five Points of Origin is a revisiting of the initial work Five Points of Origin which developed from tracing and building up lines around a central point. This process resulted in unique patterns in which any errors were exaggerated. The original work explored the differences in potential from five points and the divergences that can occur over time. The new configuration includes three panels and corresponding mirrored Perspex engravings of the in-between ripples. The work extends the original idea to include the ripples and traces of absence and things now gone.


Mixed Media Wall Panels

This work explores notions of movement and change and the possibilities that emerge over time in response to particular points of origin. This instance aims to illustrate that patterns of transformation are linked to action, environment, encounters with the accidental, as well as events now passed.
MATERIALS: Canvass, Fixed Saos-2 Cells, Enamel, Wood, Perspex


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