ONE POTATO: FIFTY THREE DEATHS, FIVE SURVIVORS: A Catalogue of Untimely Demise and Subborn Survival

Mixed Media | Installation

The One Potato series comments on the artist’s experimentation with plant culture techniques, particularly the creative deviations inspired by the culture process during Svenja Kratz’s six month residency as Fringe Catalyst at The Edge, a digital cultural centre at the State Libary of QLD in 2013.


This work documents the demise of Svenja Kratz’s sweet potato cultures.  The work catalogues the various causes of death of 53 plant clones originally obtained from a single sweet potato.  Five surviving plants are also included in the display, along with the original husk of the sweet potato from which the clones were obtained.


Mixed media

One Potato: Fifty Three Deaths, Five Survivors reflects on the idea that even failure can be productive and provide new opportunities for learning and creative engagement.
MATERIALS: Slides, Framed Plant Clones, Living Plant Clones, MDF, Sweet Potato Husk, Glass
CLASSIFICATION: Mixed Media Installation

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