OBSERVATIONS: Physarum Polycephalum

Mixed Media | Installation

The installation Observations consists of a custom-made cabinet incorporating two real-time microscope video feeds of slime mould growth.  The work reflects on the wonder of different life forms and work invites the viewer to observe the changes of the organism over time and take part in the joy of observation and discovery.


Mixed media video installation

Observations is an installation work that incorporates two real-time video feeds of slime mould growth.
MATERIALS: Microscopes, Wood, Enamel, Slime Mould, Video, Computer, Glass, MDF
CLASSIFICATION: Mixed Media Video Installation

This work connects to the Slime Mould Maze Madness workshop held at the Edge during the Fringes period in 2013.  The workshop, developed by Mick Byrne, Carrie Hauxell and Svenja Kratz, enabled participants to design and print a 3D maze for slime moulds to solve.

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