Mixed Media

Foundations consists of a series of mixed media panels exploring interspecies and cellular interconnections.   Drawing on Lynn Margulis’ work on endosymbiosis (the evolution of nucleated cells with membrane bound organelles through the permanent integration of symbiotic bacteria), the panels are composed of small individually produced clay shapes reminiscent of bacteria and cells that together form overall shapes and texture of the canvass.

The works were developed for the group show Disassemble | Reassemble at the Caboolture Regional Gallery which explored the relationship between humans, organisms and the environment.


Foundations consists of a series of mixed media panels composed of hundreds of hand made clay shapes based on cellular forms and tissue structures. Some panels are framed with engraved Perspex sheets that isolate selected patterns to produce new shapes.
MATERIALS: Wood, canvass, epoxy, clay
DIMENSIONS: 600mm x 900mm x 2 and 1900mm x 1300mm

Image below courtesy of the Caboolture Regional Art Gallery.

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