Mixed Media | Installation | Bioart

Death Masks consists of 21 masks created from a mould of an 11-year old girl. The masks represent Alice, a young girl and original donor of the Saos-2 bone cancer line.

The work is composed of three series:

Death Masks: Alice Becoming:  A series of degrading plaster moulds of the original death mask.
Death Masks: Alice Ants:  Vacuum formed faces of the young girls face containing live ants that have consumed a mixture of the Saos-2 cells and sugar.
Death Masks: Mutable Death Masks:  Seven faces made of slow recovery polyurethane foam containing Saos-2 cells.


Mixed Media | Installation | Bioart

This work comments on the origins and transformative nature of the Soas-2 cell line.
MATERIALS: Live Ants, Earth, Vacuum-formed Plastic, Plaster, Polyurethane Foam, MDF, Enamel

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