Blood Fountain: For Algernon

Mixed Media

Blood Fountain: For Algernon consists of an indoor fountain that pumps faux blood and trace amounts of autoclaved fetal calf and human blood. The work is designed to be exhibited in conjunction with the Blood Painting series and comments further on the close interconnections between life and death.

The fountain resembles a miniature landscape/ diorama incorporating orchids and butterflies which connect to ideas relating to fragility, beauty and transformation. The fountain is fully contained within a glass covering and presents no danger to viewers, as the blood components have been sterilised and contained. This instance of Blood Fountain functioned as a preliminary design for a larger version.


Mixed Media

Blood Fountain comments on the use of FBS in cell and tissue culture and links to a number of shrines for the fetal calf Algernon.
MATERIALS: Furniture, Brass, Glass, Faux Blood Media, Plastic, Ceramic, Clock, Mummified Heart

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