A Shrine for Algernon

Mixed Media | Sculpture

A Shine for Algernon consists of a polymer clay replica of a fetal calf originally obtained from an abattoir in QLD. This work comments on the use of Fetal Bovine Serum (a protein rich serum derived from the blood of fetal calves) within cell and tissue culture. While the use of FBS has been criticised, the fetal calves are a by-product of meat production and apart from the blood which is harvested for use in cell culture, they are discarded.

This work does not aim to criticise the meat industry or the use of FBS, but rather draws attention to the fact that there are victims at every level of consumption, and that all growth or advancement has both positive and negative implications.


Mixed Media Sculpture

This work comments on the origins and use of Fetal Bovine Serum, as well as the unseen victims of human consumption.
MATERIALS: Recycled Furniture, Polymer Clay, Enamel, Faux Moss,Stainless Steel

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