To Rose (My Love)

To Rose (My Love)

DENNIS KRATZ: Interactive Video Installation

Dennis Kratz are collaborative interdisciplinary artists (Sarah-Mace Dennis and Svenja Kratz) whose work experiments with the possible interactions between diverse disciplines including photo-media, film, sound, installation, performance, interactive environments and critical and creative writing. Re-investigating interactivity as a way of reconnecting with corporeal experience To Rose (My Love) is an interactive audio visual installation. Footage of Triamble, an isolated site near Hill End in regional NSW is projected on three walls in the gallery space. This footage has two layers. The top layer consists of documentary footage recorded on site at Triamble. In the bottom layer movements made by the viewers’ bodies reveal ghosts embedded in this underlying footage. Initially the viewers catch only fleeting glimpses of the ghosts in their peripheral vision. It is only if they stand long enough in the right places, that the images of the ghosts become somewhat clear. Included as part of the installation is a layered audio soundtrack composed of echoed recordings of movement and whispering voices that called out to Rose at irregular intervals.

Rose (My Love). Dennis Kratz – Sarah-Mace Dennis and Svenja Kratz, 2005 from Sarah-Mace Dennis on Vimeo.


Interactive Video Installation

To Rose (My Love) consists of an interactive video installation based on oral histories collected by Dennis Kratz while the pair were on residency in Hill End (NSW) in 2004.

CLASSIFICATION: Interactive Installation

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