Secrets of the City: Gumbramorra Swamp Thing!

Secrets of the City: Gumbramorra Swamp Thing!

DENNIS KRATZ with Graham Chalcroft and Workshop Participants

Dennis Kratz are collaborative interdisciplinary artists (Sarah-Mace Dennis and Svenja Kratz) whose work experiments with the possible interactions between diverse disciplines including photo-media, film, sound, installation, performance, interactive environments and critical and creative writing.

Secrets of the City – Gumbramorra Swamp Thing!, was part of a collaboration between Dennis Kratz and public artist Graham Chalcroft.  Over a month the artist’s held free workshops where Marrickville residents helped create ephemeral public artworks and performances based on their interpretation of the sites within the former footprint of the Gumbramorra Swamp.  Native plants were also used in the art making process, with a living sculpture being planted on the day that serves as a reminder of the project.

The exhibition was an unique opportunity to give voice to the local community through the implementation of artworks that interpret and explore local understanding and perceptions of place, heritage, culture and ecology.

The project was supported through Marrickville Council’s Local and National Artist in Residence program and the Arts Grant Scheme.


Community Project

Secrets of the City: Gumbramorra Swamp Thing! consisted of several ephemeral artworks, storytelling events and performances developed by Dennis Kratz, Graham Chalcroft and workshop participants.  The artworks were exhibited as part of the one day event Art in the Park in Mackey Park, Tempe, on the 13th March 2005.
CLASSIFICATION: Installation/Performance


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